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Rabu, 01 Februari 2012

Work Plan for the Village Election Committee Head

In general, the village is the very bottom part of government, but is essential for development, both physically, morally, and spiritually. The village is the basis of the development and improvement of human resources toward independence.
In recent decades the Village Government is centralized, even the Village only used as a political commodity for the political elite so the impact on the pattern of society is also against the administration. Thus if we examine carefully the village is the backbone of the enforcement of democracy and national unity. District Government, Regency / City, State and even the central government is basically a collection-a collection of village communities. Therefore the progress the Village as a benchmark the progress of this nation.
The study of all parties, especially the political elite players despise government is the attitude and the right eye against government actors at the Village Level. So it appears the nature of "Primodordialisme" which implies the existence of the title "Bosses and Subordinates" are no longer co-workers and partners. Rahmat Allah's blessings, this condition began to gradually disappear, so that all components are aware of the importance of a village for the progress of a nation, so that all components are aware of the importance of a village for the progress of a nation. The village was governed by Law No. 72 of 2005 on the Village.
Issues arising from the existence of the Act is the extent to which government actors at the Village Level PREPARING capable of giving and Human Resources (HR), which has so it can coordinate all the elements that exist. Two elements of success at the base of the Village Elite Village Namely BPD (Village Consultative Board) and Chief of the Village itself and its agents.
Based on the above thought and study we designated as the Selection Committee and approved by the BPD to try to achieve the above objectives, one of which implement the Head Elections. Powered by participation and partisifasi all parties will largely determine the success of this activity.  

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