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Kamis, 02 Februari 2012


Tawakal is a glass which closed with the seal of God. No one can drink from it and could open the seals except the people who put their trust. He said. "And the step that the people of God who's sole trust surrender".
He made ketawakalan as a key to unlocking the faith, and faith is a lock ketawakalan. Tawakal essence is an attitude of altruism or put others before yourself. The essence of altruism is sesuatusesuai forward with his right. People who put their trust can not be separated from her resignation in establishing one of the two altruism.
First, if he put more effect, ie the universe, he would tertabir with him.
Secondly, if he was more put his resignation because as a cause, namely God Almighty, then he will be with him.
If you want to be cautious without sticking to any consequences, was Takbir was five times over your soul and to say good-bye to all anganmu such as separation of death for life.
The lowest levels of taqwa is that you do not put your intentions beyond what has been destined to you. Do not be turned in part on the set for you, do ye also do not glorify what you have, so you finally decided to tie your faith with one of them, while ye perceive not. If you truly have been determined to stand on the symbols of those who fear Him in surrender them to assign it one of altruism.

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