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Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

Predict Future Prospective

Good morning my friend of all, let's hope this morning is still the spirit mate for life, this morning we want to write an article about the two candidates are now bustling village chiefs discussed.
After we explore and question and answer with the community leaders, we have time to ask how about the prospect Mahdan Zainal Abidin, they say "there is no other choice but him, because he already knows about governance but he also had a passion", but when we ask how about the openness of financial problems, they are answering "no comment, because everyone already in the know".
When we asked what happens if there is a list to follow the selection of village heads of people who you think is right? they answered in unison "we're all going together to support the person".
And we also ask how the other candidates is Suparman Wibiksana, they replied "there may be under Mahdan if you see the voice, but could have been he who would excel". 

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