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Rabu, 01 Februari 2012

Pilkades Committee Set Registration

This afternoon the village village committee elections sukamulya joint meeting of the RT and community leaders, the constitution of the RT and other community leaders not only to give an explanation about starting on it open registration for prospective candidates village head who will participate in the selection of village heads.
Village election committee U. Ajat Sudrajat explained, that the registration of candidates for village heads from the date of opening one up to twelve february. Also discussed the issues surrounding the right to choose where the role of the RT is expected. It is said by the chairman of the committee's role and the RT is no separate fee, which after a special meeting about the cost of data collection for the suffrage of the RT for a 1000 rupiah per head of the family. Committee to explain for those who want to nominate themselves as candidates for village heads who want to register a maximum age of twenty-five years and it has appropriate regulations.

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